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Unlike the other pages in this section, we are unable to reprint a page by page version of the Learning Styles Section of the APDUK web site.
However we are able to present on this Learning Styles page a summary of the pdf files of the articles that appear that  in the Learning Styles Section.
And reproduce the lists of links to articles that can be found on the internet via the Learning Styles Section of the APDUK web site.
The Authors biographies that appear in the Learning Styles Section will not be reproduced here, but can be found included at the end of some of the pdf files and / or on the linked web sites.
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Learning Styles Working Model
Learning Style Theories
Learning Style Developement
Learning Styles a Professors perspective
LearningStyles in the UK
Learning Style Applications
Visual Spatial Learner Articles

The Initial Learning Style Section Article downloads and links

 The APDUK adopted Learning Style Working Model

 The first set of linked articles relate to the
Learning Style Theories

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 The second set of linked articles develop and comment on the
Learning Style Theories

Don Clark
Don Clark
Don Clark
Neil Flemming
Dr. Gypsy Denzine (Northern Arizona University)
Harvey J. Brightman, Georgia State University
Richard M.Felder, Barbara A Soloman  
North Carolina State University

 Clifford Morris

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 The third set of linked articles provide a practical
University Perspective to
Learning Styles

Richard M. Felder, North Carolina State University
Linda K. Silverman, Institute for the Study of
Advanced Development
North Carolina State University

Michael J. Prince Bucknell University
Richard M. Felder North Carolina State University

RICHARD M. FELDER   Department of Chemical Engineering  North Carolina State University
Richard M. Felder Department of Chemical Engineering North Carolina State University

Richard M. Felder Hoechst Celanese Professor of Chemical Engineering North Carolina State University

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 The forth set of linked article provide a UK perspective to
Learning Styles

Heriot Watt University
Learning and Skills Network (LSN)
West Midlands General Practice Trainers
Ann Harris   (BECTA)
Newcastle University
Southampton University
Helen Bouchami Consulting
Cheron Verster

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 The fifth set of linked articles provide examples of practical applications of
Learning Style Theory

Marjorie Rosenburg, Developing Teachers .com
Cooks Primary School Canaberra Australia
Learning-Styles-Online (Memletics)
MindTools (Self-Study Management Training, Career Training, Leadership Skills and Career Coaching )

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 The Visual-Spatial Learning Style Sub - Section Article downloads and links
AILSS = As In Learning Style Section

The Featured Articles

by Lesley Sword
Gifted and Creative Services Australia

By Linda Silverman
Visual-Spatial Resource

Show _Your_Work_When_There_Is_Nothing_To _Show
By Allie Golon
Visual-Spatial Resource

By Cate Turner
New South Wales Gifted and Talented Children Inc

By Betty Maxwell
Visual-Spatial Resource

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